We lobbied our socks off but …

20 Jun 2012

The Private Members Bills that will make their way through parliament in the next session were announced today and, sadly, the Daylight Saving Bill wasn’t one of them.

Some backbenchers can go their entire political careers without being drawn in the PMB ballot so deciding which issue to focus on isn’t something those who do get drawn take lightly. We were lucky in that we had a huge number of supporters in the MPs who were drawn, but none of them were clock change evangelists.

We want to say a huge thank you to the Sport + Recreation Alliance who worked with us to bag a bill this time round. We phoned, we emailed, we sent letters, you sent in hundreds of letters too, but when it came down to it just-as-worthy issues got chosen – such as mental health, welfare of carers, rules around missing people and scrap metal theft.

So what next … 

Well, the sun has not set on the daylight saving debate but without a Private Members Bill to get behind we’re in a bit of a sticky situation. The government, although it supports the call for a review, won’t do it of their own accord. And actually, for the issue in the long run, it’s probably better they don’t. Without a strong bill there would be nothing in place to hold them to account – ie there would be no framework with which to ensure they acted on what they found.

Although we’ve moved the issue further than it’s been in decades, there aren’t many other legislative avenues we can saunter down right now.  But despair not dear comrades! This is an issue that won’t go away. Our next Clock Change Evangalista will step forward very soon – and by then the complex political situation that’s held the issue back may well be very different.

This is an idea whose time WILL come.


The Lighter Later roll call of honor … please put your hands together for … 

All those who have volunteered on the campaign over the years: Amy, Simon, Becca, Krysia, Kasja, Suki, Sion, Jon, John, Richard and John.

The amazingly talented Ayesha Garret who designed our Lighter Later livery and the wonderful Tom Flannery.

Rebecca Harris MP and her awesome staff Anthony and Andrew, who worked their socks off and were always a pleasure.

All those who’ve offered invaluable advice and professional support; especially George McGregor, Dr Mayer Hillman, Lesley Riddoch, Paul Godzik, Martyn Williams, Guy Shrubsole and Dr Elizabeth Garnsey.

Our wonderful coalition; special thanks to James Stibbs and the team the Sports + Recreation Alliance, Tom Mullarkey and Michael Corley at RoSPA, Kurt at the Tourism Alliance, Miranda at BIAZA, Rob at PACTS, Ellie at Sustrans and all at the wonderful Orchard Campsite.

Our fabulous facebook heroes who have kept even the most heated debate reasonable … John McNab, Rick Green, Jeremy Wood, Kim Richmond, Tina Szucs, Cindy Adams, Peter Greenhill & Domhnall Dods.

And every single one of our supporters who have written to MPs, debated with family and neighbours, and discussed it down the pub.

We raise a glass to you all and to the daylight saving debate and all who sail in her.

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